For about 24 years of my life, I never gave much thought to pillows. When I moved into my first place, the majority of my throw pillows were either gifted to me or picked up at discount home goods stores, where the least offensive design won out. The result, to the surprise of no one, was dull and utterly uninspiring. Lately I’ve been preoccupied with looking through different designs and switching out the pillows in my living room, and I’m consistently awed by how much life the right pillows can bring to any room. I only recently learned about the greatest website ever — society6 — where artists can submit their work and have it turned into art prints, pillows, t-shirts, bags, and iPhone covers. I’ve got Bianca Green’s chevron flora ii pillow on its way to me, and can’t wait to see it add the perfect pop to my room! Here are some more options on which I’m crushing hard:

graphic design pillow ideas

pillows, top to bottom and left to right: Stockinette Orange, Lines pillow, Chevron Flora II, Kuba Sequined Pillow Cover, Indian baby elephants, Sparkle Stripe, Zig Zag pillow

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