Note: my handwriting is most often far, far better than this. I have plenty of unsent love letters to attest to that.

This has been my life lately. Lists of all sorts — to do, agenda, goals, emails — follow me in trails wherever I go. I’ve been trying to catalog all of my goals in a more tactile way so I can finally force myself to actually achieve them, and to my surprise… they’re getting done. While my spirits may not be their highest at the moment, if I take a moment to survey all I’ve done in the past week and what has been given back to me, I’m pretty damn satisfied. At the top of the list is dedicating more time, effort, and love to Ashinine. Throwing myself into art projects and redecorating my home is up there, too — with the ideal goal of being able to do a Home Tour of my own space.

And trees. I’d like to sit in more trees.


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