I won’t lie, I feel pretty shitty about not being able to keep up here the past few weeks (or days? years? the time, it flies). I feel like this time I have a pretty good reason, though. The day has finally come – I’m moving! I knew it would happen eventually, but it snuck up on me a bit more quickly than I imagined it would. I’ve lived in the same place for 3+ years, and it was the first place that was truly my own.


There she is, in all her beauty. Aren’t you wowed by that photoshop work? I know I’m not alone in this, but moving is one of my more hated activities in the world. I’m lucky to be able to spread it out across a few weeks, but in the meantime I’ve been shuttling things over to the new place bit by bit, throwing away old love letters and pictures of exes that have slipped through the cracks, and taken stock of how much importance all my belongings hold in my life — for now, and for the next 5, 10, or 50 years. It’s fascinating to me how quickly we accrue items and how slow we are (or I am) to truly pay attention to how much they’re needed. There’s a certain richness in being able to let go of so much, and testing yourself to see how little you need to keep your emotional history intact.


I’m titillated beyond control at the thought of spending my days staring out the windows in this sunroom. Parts of the new condo will present a design challenge, but it’s even more reason for me to spend my spare time poring over design blogs (emily henderson‘s is a current obsession, for the uninitiated) and thinking of new ways to imagine floor plans. I may hate moving, but working on interiors and gallery walls and furniture arrangement is one of my absolute best pleasures in life. Now that things are starting to slow down just a bit, I p.r.o.m.i.s.e to be a bit better about posting. My life is slowly returning to normalcy, so fingers crossed that I can make things work with a smoother rhythm here soon.

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