I’ve made it to Italy, finally. We started planning this trip about three years ago, so it’s amazing to see it finally come to pass. I don’t know how much I’ll be able to blog or how often or if I’ll be writing up everything + sharing pictures when I return, so I thought I’d post a little teaser here, for now.

So far, this trip has been full of the following: oodles of eating, truckloads of walking, tons of coffee drinking (yes, me!), and gargantuan amounts of picture-taking. Random bits of shopping and market exploration top it all off, including today where I gleefully bought two new earthy perfumes only to find that they’re actually room sprays — maybe my boyfriend will never notice that I’m wearing a scent designed for a hallway entrance? My Italian is limited to saying “ciao,” asking “how much?” and requesting a bottle of still water, but I’m getting by. (sidenote: there’s far too much sparkling water in Italy. I wish I was cultured enough to enjoy it, but alas. No chance.)

The picture above is our first apartment in Rome. It. Was. A. Dream. Leaving there was one of the most difficult departures I’ve ever had, without a doubt. Big score for airbnb! I’ll be adding more pictures later of the trip at large, but here are some more snaps of the incredible apartment:


I mean, seriously. I could happily live there for the rest of my life. More pictures will (hopefully) be coming soon  especially of the indoor water feature, I don’t think my dream house can be without an indoor fountain anymore.– I underestimated how much time would be spent away from the computer and out exploring! Unfortunately this results in little time at the computer and hundreds upon hundreds of photos to cull through for a blog post, it’s really quite a good problem to have. More soon!

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