A little over a year ago, I fell in love. Not some sort of familiar and comfortable love, but the rabid, sweaty palmed, my eyes-go-dilated-whenever-I-see-you kind of love. I was working on a post for Ruffled (one of dear Molly’s incredible shoots) when I saw it: the estate of my dreams, a Great Expectations meets The Great Gatsby meets Ashley’s wildest fancies. It’s dark, it’s dilapidated, it’s the most romantic thing I’ve ever seen. Over time I’ve seen numerous weddings held here, Anthropologie catalogs shot here, and The Royal Tenenbaums filmed here. And I tell you, every single one of these was impeccable. Here’s some eye candy so you can share in my love of this glorious place:

alder manor exterior

alder manor exterior nighttime

alder manor teal pool room

I mean… come on.

alder manor ceilings

From New York Magazine:

“This manor has a wonderful Great Expectations feel,” Jung Lee of Fête says. Thirty minutes from Manhattan, in Yonkers, Alder Manor is a charmingly dilapidated 72-room 1912 estate built by the same architects behind the Frick. With crumbling vine-covered gardens, fresco-decked interior walls, and an unused indoor pool, the effect is romantic and slightly melancholy. And there are quirks: The house has just two working bathrooms, so port-a-potties are a must, and you’re locked in to using their caterer. The mansion was abandoned for years but is now owned by a small nonprofit that rents it out for film shoots (The Royal Tenenbaums) and events for as many as 250 seated guests (up to 400 for cocktails).

alder manor grand entrance yonkers

alder manor architecture brookelyn

alder manor yonkers garden

alder manor library wedding receptions

alder manor garden fountains

first four images from Heather Waraksa; entryway image via Scouting NY; last four images from Brookelyn Photography

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2 Responses to alder manor.

  1. Pam Goode says:

    What a gorgeous location! So many different feels in this space.

  2. Ann Brennan says:

    I love this venue, and am thinking of having our wedding here, but am afraid of the Bathroom situation. Only one stall in the ladies and the gents…. for 120 guests (approx.), is that enough?
    I’m afraid of the plumbing failing to work? People in long lines waiting for the bathroom… and if we get port-a-loos …. well that just isn’t what I want our guests to remember from our day.
    Does anyone have any experience, or advise to share with me?
    Thanks, Ann

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