Once in a blue moon, I get a hankering to paint something. Somehow the act of putting paint on a fresh piece of canvas makes me feel better – and better about myself – despite the fact that I have legitimately no idea what I’m doing. Before I paint, I usually compile a reference sheet of pieces I really love, and go from there to end up with something with which I’m somewhat moderately happy. I’m actually pretty content with the piece I did this past weekend, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to share some images of my inspiration and the real pros at work:


Xochi Solis


Ammiki, Circles


Martin Creed


Rocio Rodriguez, December 10 2012


Malissa Ryder, Shifting Shapes


Britt Bass


Ashley Goldberg


Olga Seriojina


Parvez Taj, Bondi Lake

One Response to abstracts.

  1. Pam Goode says:

    Love these! Delicious colors and soothing shapes.

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